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CMS & Blog Development

Piwania Technologies offers CMS and Blog development services to its clients. Content management & Blog Development over the years has evolved into a fundamental requirement for any business, as it has become much more than a platform that allows you to publish content. A well developed content management solution & blog development will definitely help you to manage the complete work flow of your organization. These days Businesses are more and more looking at employing the web content management systems and use the potential of the World Wide Web to supervise their overall business processes. WordPress CMS is an open source content management system application mostly used for an open source blog publishing and content management. WordPress CMS & Blog Development provides a user friendly interface to work on the design of WordPress CMS. It is very simple and it contains advance templating system.

Today Businesses have to deal with enormous data inflow in various forms. Businesses these days can be benefited by the good web content management system by simplifying activities such as web based publishing, content recover, revision control, content searching, indexing and many other activities that are essential for successful business management. Piwania Technologies is the leading CMS and Blog Development Company based in Delhi, India. We, at Piwania Technologies, are committed to developing professional web solutions based on four basic concepts: simplicity, stability, functionality, and suitability. Once you are on web, the immediate and most pivotal tool to look out is for a valuable Content Management System. The Effective Content management system helps to keep up the portal lively by updating, changing and adding new content. At present businesses are needed to produce more content, rapidly, tailored for customers and for media than ever before. Therefore, a control over the content is the best way to determine better information and media needs.

We will provide you a professional WordPress based blog application to make your corporate, business or personal thoughts published online. We will install WordPress in your server and assist you in getting a customized web blog application which is integrated with your existing site design. We can simplify WordPress and provide necessary blog Administration panel to you, to start your own business blog. We can also support you in making your blog SEO friendly. Now-a-days blogs have become a source of generating revenue. We can also serve you by integrating Yahoo and Google Ad-word campaigns, and also submit it to Blog directories and offer RSS syndication to bring more visitors to your blog.

After customization our clients can manage their web sites without the help of IT staff. All changes, edits, uploads, etc are performed using any browser on any computer. No special web site editing software is needed to keep your web sites up-to-date. Simply log in to your web site and edit any page within your web browser and the changes are made instantly. Piwania use open source content management systems which allow all of our clients to benefit from future enhancements and bug fixes. Also, by using blog software or a CMS instead of a custom built web site, our clients gain functionality, templating, and a strong support community out of the box which cuts development and support costs over the life of the web site. Over the years we have grown to be experts in WordPress and other Opensource technologies. Elegant, open source, lightweight, and easy to learn – WordPress is the open source blog and CMS software we recommend and enjoy working with for the majority of our clients. If you need a custom theme, help with installation, a custom plug-in, or a complete CMS web site you can easily avail our CMS and Blog Development services.