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Piwania Technologies is the leading E-Learning Portal Development Services provider based in Delhi, India. E-Learning encompasses all types of electronically supported learning and teaching. E-Learning is basically the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-Learning applications and processes include virtual learning, Web-based learning, computer-based learning, and digital collaboration. Content is delivered through the Internet, intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, CD-ROM, Pen drives etc.  It can be self-paced or instructor-led and includes media in the form of text, image, animation, video and audio. E-Learning components include: learning management system or learning content management system, content, collaboration, testing and assessment, skills and competency, e-commerce, and Internet video-based learning. A complete E-Learning portal represents the total integration of multimedia, instructor-led, and real-time training in a human collaborative environment. Essentially, an E-Learning portal is a virtual environment set up by an individual or an organization to give users access to knowledge.

E-Learning technologies have made it possible for educators, administrators, and Learning Service Providers to create, launch, and evaluate learning over the Internet using a standard browser. We can add or modify any feature of learning management system as per your requirements. One of our fortes is Designing and developing E learning portals. We specialize in E-learning portal development using most up-to-date E-learning solutions. We work on e-magazine, media, forum and educational E learning portals. Piwania’s E-Learning Portal Development Services group offers complete E-Learning content planning, development and installment services. Our team of intelligent and diligent designers, writers, multimedia programmers, developers, graphic designers, project managers and testers delivers high-impact, cost-effective E-Learning portal solutions to our clients.

Piwania Technologies provide following E-learning portal development services:

  • Developing and managing web-based E-Learning portals,
  • Developing and managing E-Learning platforms
  • Creating engaging, highly interactive user interfaces