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ERP Development

Piwania Technologies is one of the leading ERP Development Company based in Delhi, India. We provide ERP solution for managing business processes to manufacturing industry. The product is supported by .NET technology which is an object oriented technology for better performance. The integration of all modules results in no duplication of any data entry and easy availability of information at finger tips from any part of the world. We provide customized services to suit any specific requirements. The data from any existing system can be ported to the integrated ERP system. The security configuration allows assigning access to information at Operations, Module, or System level based on predefined groups and roles to manage large number of users. The graphical user interface is similar across all the modules, which reduces the learning curve for any user. In all entry screens drop down lists and search tools are provided for easy and fast information entry. Online help is provided at field, form, module, and application level to increase accuracy in data entry.

We offer following Modules in ERP solution:
  • Finance and Accounting - Manage all financial transactions
  • Fixed Asset Management - Asset Information, Asset Management
  • Customer Relations Management - Customer Information,
  • Marketing and Sales - Lead Information, Create Quote/Order, Generate Invoice
  • Purchase - Automate steps from procurement to payment
  • Inventory - Manage inventory receipts, shipments, across warehouses, suppliers, and customers
  • Production Planning and Control - Schedule production, Material planning, Resource planning
  • Maintenance Planning and Control - Schedule Maintenance, Spares and Resource Planning
  • Quality Control - Quality Process Control, Define and Maintain Standards, Audit Processes
  • Human Resource Management - Employee Information, Recruitments,
  • Payroll - Maintain Payment Information, Prepare Cheques
  • Utility - Manage Utility
  • Security - Define and Maintain Security at all levels
  • Company Information Center
  • Design and Specification Engineering - Maintain Digitized documents for Engineering Design and Specifications
  • MIS reports - Create Standard and User Defined Reports

Benefits of ERP solution:

  • It integrates all information from different departments on single computer to serve many users for their diverse needs.
  • It creates single version of data.
  • It speeds up and regulates manufacturing process.
  • It reduces inventory.
  • It automates plan and executes as per business requirements.
  • It mechanizes the task to perform business process.

Thus Enterprise application development (ERP) services helps to resolve critical system problems arising due to dynamic market situations and increased customer requirements. Piwania Technologies possesses ERP - enterprise software solutions with expertise level of management with high skills and choice of correct technology.