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IT Recruitment Solutions

Piwania Technologies renders not just IT recruitment solutions but the ultimate specialist solutions. With many years in Technical recruitment and resource management, we pride ourselves in the industry we work in and the demands placed on IT Managers to provide resource in meeting business requirements for delivering services. We specialize in IT recruitment and resource management within the best practice arena. Recognizing the increasing demand for resource within the IT sector and understanding how best practices fit in within today's modern organizations Piwania Technologies has driven forward its IT recruitment solutions. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient personalized service to our Clients and Contractors with a full understanding of their business requirements. A complete package when it comes to recruiting solutions. This software envisages assisting our clients to have an end to end solution when it comes to recruitment. From candidate search to the feedback process, everything has been customized taking the client’s requirement into perspective.

Piwania Technologies is a competent IT company with exhaustive knowledge of recruiting in technology driven industries providing IT recruitment solutions. We deliver a competitive advantage to our clients by locating and attracting key professionals. We provide IT Staffing Solutions. Piwania Technologies is headquartered in Delhi and carries out searches throughout India. We use a proven Search model focused on an exhaustive process of research, developing candidates, profiling them for a match with our clients' needs and negotiating a successful placement. Throughout our years of operation we have developed ongoing relationships with our clients and contacts in the IT field to quickly and confidently locate the talent you require. We deliver results that others cannot because of our detailed knowledge of recruiting in technology driven Information Technology industry.