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Milk Dairies Management Software

We offer the latest functionality and automation of milk collection software. This is a bi-lingual dairy management software (English and regional language). The Milk Dairies software is fully developed and designed by us and is in field operations since last 15 years. It is very user friendly and easy to use. We provide all common and advanced modules like Milk Collection, Deduction, Cattle Feed, AI, Shares, Employee and Accounting. For automation, we provide in-built interfacing for Milk Analyzer, Weighing Scale, and Display units.


Company provides number of software with different versions and different databases based on client requirements. We can provide customized software solutions with minimal effort.

Standalone Application: -
Where data and application will be on same machine.

LAN based Application:-
We can also install software in LAN (Local Area Network) in such a way that database and application will be on different machine. You can install ‘n’ number of applications on different machines and connect all of them with one server. In this case, every user will use same common data.

HO Software:-
Collect data from CC/Center, process the data, generate bills and provide all necessary MIS reports. HO can also do the milk collection.

Chilling Center (CC) Software:-
Operates the milk collection menu, receive the data from collection point/center and export the data to HO for further processing. Chilling Center can also do the milk collection.

Village/Collection Point/Center Software: -
Only operates the milk collection and export data to HO for further processing.