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Open Source Technologies

Piwania Technologies is the name reckoned with providing open source technologies for the web development. Open Source Technology services provide companies to combat high costs of integrating information technologies and offers high flexibility in up scaling and adding emerging technology to existing organizational systems. Open Source Technologies ensure security of IT infrastructure. Technology is considered to be “open source” when the software code that is used to make it work has been specifically designed for easy access. This transparency allows for communities of programmers to examine the source code and to make changes or enhancements to improve the technology.

  • Low cost
  • Quick implementation time
  • High-end functionality
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Take control of your software
  • Escape Vendor Lock-in
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Greater Security & Quality
  • Continuity
  • Stability
  • Runs on old hardware
  • Learning curve
  • Equivalent programs

Open Source Application Customization has revolutionized the way Websites can give you a distinct identity and the way your business works on the internet. With the power of latest Open Source Software, you can customize your Websites to include as much functionality as you want. Most of the E-businesses have scaled the heights of success using the power of advanced open source software. Our services execute various tasks and innovative solutions keeping the company IT infrastructure needs to be competitive in the market.

Open source technologies today have become tools of propelling companies to the next information age. Open Source technology often more powerful than most commercially available products. Open source technologies provide a platform on which to build custom solutions. They equip companies in ushering them into the next age of technologies. At Piwania we have experienced and qualified developers who develop websites by using Open Source technologies. Open Source technology makes business sense, Open Source software is changing IT in a fundamental way with regular increasing competition by connecting their developers directly ,apart from being free and of very high quality, it is often more powerful than most commercially available products. Open source technologies have moved much beyond just Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.