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Maintaining folders of day to day works and keeping the records of candidates, clients, number of openings and administration tasks is a tiresome and lengthy work. Some of the key concerns relating to the recruitment agencies daily workings could be filtering candidates, candidates lineup, candidates follow-up, positions management, clients management, available candidates for any position, work reports of recruiters, account management etc. Certainly, coping with a total hiring way for both public and private companies needs multifaceted and versatile software that could manage the whole hiring process. Piwania Recruitment Agency Management Software makes the tiring job of hiring a painless task. Our recruitment software performs the most up to date capabilities needed for the recruitment agencies, as a result producing a straight line up progress. Constant development and also rapid replies are normally the inherent skills for this kind of functions. The program types certainly matter most, thus raising its consumption to its maximum ability. Another impressive aspect would be the selection of the tools which are used as it splits the line of the many competing software programs, allowing the best models to resurface towards the top.

Our recruitment software is user friendly and equipped with sophisticated, multi criteria search with remote access. With the help of Recruitment Agency Software, it is easy to keep track of interviews and also to follow up tracking and the candidate history. The Recruitment Software provides utility for fast uploading of vendors and applicants through excel file and also gives Backup & Restore utility. The HR Recruitment Software can be accessed anytime from anywhere and useful for bulk email and SMS marketing.

The process of recruitment needs an effective planning and efficient communication. It also needs correct staffing therefore it's important for the Recruitment Software be well equipped with the best resources in which it can function best. But, it is necessary to make certain that you get the most effective Software Solutions which best suit your workmanship. In general, it's indisputable that HR Recruitment Software has started a momentum of a smooth flow in so far as recruiting is involved. Exceedingly, Recruitment Software functions as leverage for enterprisers seeking for advancement in most lines of business. The Recruitment Software solutions are being appreciated for establishing superior adjustments and thoroughly managing the hiring and staffing functions.

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FAQ for Piwania Recruitment Agency Management Software:

If you have any question regarding our recruitment software please refer to our frequently asked questions list. If you still have any questions feel free to contact us.

Some of frequently asked question regarding recruitment software are as under:

  • How much this software increases my working efficiency?

    If we compare your working without software, then using software you can increase 500 times working efficiency .
  • Can I access this software from anywhere?

    Yes, you can access this software from anywhere; you just need internet connection to use software features.
  • Will my data like resumes, clients etc will be secured?

    Yes, in software we have provided you backup and restore facility with which you can take backup of all data regularly and can restore it anytime.
  • Does software provide multiple user login?

    Yes, admin can create as many user login. Multiple logins are allowed at same time.
  • How long does it take to develop customized recruitment software?

    If you will hire any company to develop such software having all features then it will take near about one year but as our experienced developers has already developed and tested this software so we can set up it in few hours to make it available for you.
  • Can I upload multiple resumes or clients at same time?

    Yes, software provides you tool for bulk upload for candidates and clients both.
  • Can you change this software acc. to my requirements anytime? What will be charges for changes?

    Yes, we can change this software as per your requirement. Charges for changes will vary acc to changes you require.
  • Does Piwania Technologies offer regular new versions for recruitment software?

    Yes, we take feedback from our clients regularly and change our software as per client’s feedback and launch new version.
  • How I will contact you if there is any query, issue or problem with recruitment software?

    You can always contact us. Piwania technologies Pvt. Ltd. is here to help and solve each problem before, during, and after software installation. We always build up long time relations with our esteemed clients.
  • If I need new customized reports after software installation will you create such reports?

    You can always contact our support team. Our support team will help you regarding price and time frame for new customized reports development.
  • Does Piwania Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offer hosting options for recruitment software?

    We offer all of our esteemed clients hosting whether they belong to any domain. We recommend that our clients hosted with us as it puts everything under one roof. We have various hosting packages which can be further discussed with support team to find out best package which suits your software needs.

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  • Track Recruitment progress.
  • Enhance work co-ordination and collaboration in your staff.
  • Resume filtration with lots of parameters like qualification, CTC, work experience, location etc.
  • Task Management with Calendar
  • Appointment Management with Calendar
  • Internal Messaging among your staff
  • Clients Management
  • Clients Agreements
  • Filtration of Selected candidates for any client
  • Track payments for any client
  • Generate customized excel format which consultancy agency require to send to their clients.
  • Configure your email account with IMAP details
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Account Management For Client
  • Account Management For Candidate
  • Store important documents in docs center
  • Admin can assign permissions to their staff depending upon their job profile.
  • Bulk upload utility of candidates and clients
  • Restore and Backup utility of resume and other data.
  • Position / Job Management
  • Assign recruiter to any position
  • Various Reports
This recruitment software is surpassing in accounting management for client as well as candidates and for online marketing through sms and emails.
Mukesh Bhatt, Lucknow
It filtrate selected candidates resume ccordingly to clients by following parameters like location, qualification, desired salary package etc. This whole process is very beneficial in reducing required time for resume filtrations.
Jitendra Singh, Delhi
My work was very difficult to manage my recruitment process without Piwania recruitment software. Now i am very comfortable.
Sujit Patil, Mumbai
It is best suits to any recruitment agency, Piwania customized it according to my requirements, i am very happy. Good Luck Piwania Technical Guys.
Rakesh Gulyani, USA